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Pole Dance

The origin of the pole used for exercise and sport can be traced back to the 12th century to traditional Indian mallakhamb. Many other cultures from around the globe throughout ancient to current times have used a pole in either a spiritually celebratory and sometimes symbolic manner, or in a display of athleticism. The history of the pole as an apparatus is expansive. We suggest exploring more on your own to see just how varied the origin of pole dance and pole fitness can be. In the US we have come to associate pole in pop culture with erotic dance and gentlemens clubs. The form of pole dance that has most recently grabbed the attention of competitors and celebrities came from strip clubs and working strippers.

The type of pole dance that you can expect to be introduced to in our studio is a step back from that aspect and is geared in a technique driven direction. A facts and fitness based approach allows people of all genders to learn about the pole while training, and then add their own form of stylization. They may choose more of a pole dance flow, with erotic leanings, and sometimes hot and killer outfits and shoes! As many find out, presenting pole movement with fluidity and accomplishing tricks is quite a healthy workout, and it pays to put the strength and technique training before the style.

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