In our continued pursuit to keep our Dragonfly family and surrounding communities safe and healthy, we are offering virtual lessons for those who have at home rigging solutions or simply want to keep up on floor based modalities while practicing from the comfort of their own home. 

This is a new process for us and our instructors, so we appreciate your patience as we shape up these offerings. We would appreciate any feedback regarding class content, times, platform, etc. Please email us at with any feedback you may have for us so we can continue to refine our offerings and enhance this process for our students!


We would like to open up our offerings to include online non-aerial lessons for a variety of modalities. Lessons are available with any of our instructors with flexible scheduling options to meet your needs. Lessons will be offered virtually through Google Meet. Please contact to set up a lesson, or contact your instructor directly.

Non-aerial modalities include:

More available upon request!


We would like to expand our offerings to encompass those students who do have their own rigs and equipment at home by offering online aerial lessons. For safety reasons, we will be offering these lessons on a case by case basis to students with strong fundamental aerial skills that have a robust at home rigging setup, including proper mats. Lessons will be offered virtually through Google Meet.


Please contact for an assessment and lesson scheduling. 

Aerial modalities include:

Other apparatuses available upon request!

  • High-Intensity Interval Training

  • Functional Strength Training

  • Stretch/Flexibility Sessions

  • Flow

  • Hollow Body Drills

  • Chair

  • Dance

  • Aerial Silks

  • Pole

  • Lyra