In our continued pursuit to keep our Dragonfly family and surrounding communities safe and healthy, we will be offering the following online class schedule beginning on Monday, April 13th. 

Students can register for these online classes with the same process as our in-studio classes. Classes will be recorded via instructors prior to the schedule class time and students will receive an emailed link to the recorded class video. At the time of the class, instructors will be available via Google Hangouts Meet to check in with students, answer questions, and offer tips and encouragement!

This is a new process for us and our instructors, so we appreciate your patience as we shape up these offerings. We would appreciate any feedback regarding class content, times, platform, etc. Please email us at with any feedback you may have for us so we can continue to refine our offerings and enhance this process for our students!


$10 - Single Session

$60 - 8 Session Package

$130 - Monthly Unlimited Package



5:00pm Stretch Session with Leanna

Two key factors of flexibility are stretching and strength; this class is designed to build student knowledge of each. The techniques utilized are dynamic and static stretching, complemented by Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) techniques. Leanna, our resident flexibility coach will guide you through safe progressions to keep up on your flexibility training and increase your range of motion at home.  


5:00pm High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with Brittney

Get sweaty with this HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout! Each week will focus on different muscle groups to strengthen and allow other muscle group to rest and rejuvenate. The workout will include three sets of seven different exercises per set. Lead by Brittney, this class is sure to help you keep up your strength at home! Brittney values quality over quantity, so she will demonstrate how to perform exercises safely and effectively with modifications included for any level!


5:00pm Stretch Session with Elektra

Join Elektra as she guides you through this weekly stretching session with yoga-like elements and active stretching exercises to increase range. Each session will focus in on a targeted area of the body, while still providing a well-rounded approach that leaves the body feeling balanced and aligned. 


2:00pm Functional Strength Training (FST) with Big John

Enjoy your favorite Functional Strength Training (FST) drills at home brought to you by Big John!  Combining elements of gymnastics strength training, mobility, and functional strength training, this class is designed to increase strength, flexibility and body awareness with creative bodyweight exercises. 

Not Currently Available