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Aerial Yoga

Movements in the fabric can mimic traditional yoga postures, influenced by pilates, dance and aerial arts, while allowing the body to be supported totally or partially off the ground.

Aerial yoga is often confused with aerial silks or aerial hammock, as the term is frequently used incorrectly to refer to any fabric modality. The three fabric modalities do share commonalities and some similar shapes, however there are some key differences.

At Aerial Dragonfly, our aerial silks and aerial hammock programs are technique based aerial dance programs where students are led through a progressive curriculum learning different shapes and transitions. Aerial dance skills can be performed higher up in the air, whereas aerial yoga is typically trained with a fabric much closer to the ground. During an aerial yoga session, instructors guide students through a flow that can be tailored to the individual’s goals to mobilize, strengthen, or relax the body.

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