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A Showcase Presented by Aerial Dragonfly and Friends

We are thrilled to announce that our next showcase will be held on February 19th at 7:00pm! The venue for the showcase is The Village Theater at Cherry Hill in Canton, MI. 

About Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio:

We are a woman owned business and a Veteran owned business. We are proud of the support that we provide to each other as athletes, as business partners, as women, and as human beings. We apply our core values and personal code of ethics to form the essence of our business, and that extends to the training and respect that we offer our instructors, and our students. We are proud of our hands on, individualized program through which we encourage our students to meet challenges, use problem solving to develop pathways in fitness and technique, and ultimately thrive. 



About the Showcase:

We have been fortunate to continually provide a comprehensive aerial arts training program for our clients, adapting our offerings to a highly individualized and lesson based practice rather than the small group classes that we previously conducted. Our showcase will give you a sample of our product, highlighted by the dedication of our students, staff, and friends.  Routines by performers of varying experience levels will be presented on aerial silks, lyra, aerial hammock, pole dance, and more.

Tickets are available for both in-person attendance or virtual streaming. 

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