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Aerial Silks and Pole Instructor

Brittney is an Aerial Silks and yoga enthusiast who started at ADMS as a student and worked up to becoming an instructor. She has always loved the world of fitness and trained at home until wanting to try something new. In 2017, she walked through the studio doors and started her aerial journey. She primarily trains on Aerial Silks, however has explored Pole and attends the FST class weekly.

She became interested in teaching when she was working as the General Manager of a restaurant and part of her job included training her staff. She had inquired early on about how to become an instructor at Aerial Dragonfly and through hard work and training she achieved her goal. Now, she looks forward to introducing new students to the wonders of aerial arts. She brings enthusiasm and confidence to her classes, inspiring aerialists and aspiring aerialists, alike.

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