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Logo | Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio - Ferndale, Michigan
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Aerial Hammock


Experience Aerial Hammock

Come experience the magic of aerial hammock at Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio! Unlike traditional aerial fabric setups, where two separate pieces hang from the center, our hammocks are crafted from a single fabric loop, creating a cozy and versatile apparatus.

While there might be different interpretations of terms like sling and hammock, especially within the realm of aerial yoga, we keep it simple and focused on the joy of movement.

At Aerial Dragonfly, our hammocks are suspended by swivels, offering you the freedom to spin and twirl as you explore a world of wraps, grips, and twists. It's all part of the dance technique we love to share throughout our studio.

So come join us and experience the blissful embrace of aerial hammock, where every spin tells a story and every twist unlocks a new possibility. Let's fly together at Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio!

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