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Logo | Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio - Ferndale, Michigan

Pole Dance


Graceful Artistry of Pole Dancing

Welcome to Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio, where we invite you to rediscover the art and athleticism of pole dance in a supportive and technique-driven environment! Did you know that the history of pole dance stretches back to traditional Indian mallakhamb in the 12th century? From ancient cultures to modern times, poles have been used both symbolically and athletically around the world. The rich and diverse origins of pole dance and fitness are truly fascinating!


While pole dance has often been associated with pop culture and gentlemen's clubs in the US, our studio takes a different approach. Here, we focus on technique, facts, and fitness, offering a gender-inclusive space where everyone can learn and grow. In our classes, you'll explore the graceful artistry of pole dance while building strength and mastering tricks. Whether you're drawn to fluid pole dance flows with an erotic flair or prefer killer outfits and shoes to enhance your style, there's something for everyone here.


We believe that combining strength and technique training with personal stylization leads to a fulfilling and empowering pole dance experience. So, join us at Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio and let's elevate your pole journey together, one spin at a time!

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