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Dari Headshot | Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio

Lyra and Trapeze program director


Dari is an international performer, and movement and aerial technique instructor. At Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio, Dari is the Lyra and Trapeze program director. She is co-producer of Midnight Garden Detroit, a burlesque and aerial dance-based showcase prioritizing stage space for BIPOC, gender identify diversity, & original performances and is currently presented quarterly in Hamtramck, MI at Planet Ant.


Dari's list of accreditations in movement includes certifications as a Franklin Method® Fascia Trainer for the Face, Neck & Shoulders, Floor Flow® Level 1 Teacher, CRNP Floor Rocker® Instructor, Grounded Aerial® Bungee Level 1 Instructor, Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body® teacher, Jessi Rae Aerial Yoga Level 1 Instructor, MUTU® Pro Trainer, Ortho-Bionomy® Upper Extremities Practitioner, CIRQfit® Lyra Teacher, Core Voice Connection guide, Sound Healing guide, and Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki guide. She is herself a student of floor and aerial modalities and continues to train with movement mentors around the world with a focus ranging from fitness and mobility to aerial technique and exotic dance.

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