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Logo | Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio - Ferndale, Michigan
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Functional Strength


Build Strength & Improve Flexibility

Step into a world of dynamic fitness at Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio, where our innovative class combines a variety of progressive exercises to sculpt and strengthen your entire body! Get ready to unleash your potential as we incorporate gymnastic rings, paralettes, Indian clubs, and an array of bodyweight drills.

From mastering the stability and control of gymnastic rings to the precision of paralettes exercises, each element of this class is designed to challenge and empower you. Indian clubs add a touch of ancient wisdom to your workout, while bodyweight drills ensure a holistic approach to fitness.

Whether you're aiming to build strength, improve flexibility, or enhance overall fitness, our class offers a comprehensive experience tailored to your needs. Join us at Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio and let's embark on a journey to total body wellness together!

Classes Coming Soon
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