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John Headshot | Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio

FST and Clubs Program Director

Big John

With over 20 years involved in sports including football, basketball, wrestling, baseball and track, in addition to running several marathons, weight lifting, doing CrossFit, exploring yoga, to practicing acro and trapeze here at ADMS, and now, functional strength training, his experience speaks volumes! John turned to gymnastics strength training as a way to develop mobility, gain strength, and overall, improve quality of movement. He has completed several extensive workout programs for Rings and Paralettes, designed by GST experts, and attended a CrossFit Gymnastics seminar in May of 2018.

John's progress towards achieving his fitness goals comprised of difficulty with weight loss and several other setbacks along the way, including a patellar tendon rupture, AC joint injury and a hip replacement, so John always encourages students to listen to their bodies during their workouts. He advocates living a holistic, healthy lifestyle, with an emphasis on the ability to move freely, exhibiting correct alignment and efficient muscular engagement. He radiates motivation and encouragement, challenging students to achieve their highest potential, while creating a fun, energetic fitness environment. If you are looking to begin your fitness journey, or intensify your current workout plan, schedule a session with John today!

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