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Logo | Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio - Ferndale, Michigan
Lauren Headshot | Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio

Studio Owner & Acro


Meet Lauren, the radiant soul behind the scenes and one of the owner's heartbeats of Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio. For nearly a decade, Lauren has soared through the mesmerizing skies as an aerialist, embracing the magic that began with a dream—a literal dream of gracefully performing on the aerial silks.


Like many passionate individuals who now share their expertise at our studio, Lauren walked through our doors for the first time, and little did she know that it would become a home she'd never want to leave.


A testament to the enchanting community within Aerial Dragonfly, Lauren found herself surrounded by compassionate and inviting individuals who shared her love for the aerial arts. From that moment, her journey as a part of our family began, and she hasn't looked back since.


In the studio, you'll often find Lauren exploring the realms of acro, aerial silks, and aerial hammock, each performance a reflection of the passion that fuels her aerial spirit. If you happen to cross paths with her, don't hesitate to say hello—you'll soon discover why being a part of the aerial family is an experience you'll cherish forever.


Join Lauren and the rest of the Aerial Dragonfly community, where dreams take flight, and the journey is as extraordinary as the heights we reach together.

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