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Shawnda Headshot | Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio

Silks Instructor


Shawnda's lifelong experience with a variety of sports speaks to her athletic prowess. She has tried every sport, from dance to gymnastics as a small child, to cheerleading, track, and tennis in high school; she even took a swimming class in college. Needless to say, she's tried them all, so when a colleague introduced Shawnda to training Aerial Silks as alternative to working out, she decided to try it a few years later.

Shawnda's natural strength and body awareness from her years of athletic training helped to accelerate her aerial career. She fell in love with aerial arts and has been training consistently since 2017. Recently, Shawnda has been exploring other modalities, such as Aerial Straps, Lyra, Pole and Acro. Shawnda's future plans include branding herself as an aerialist, competing in aerial competitions and performing in churches and private events. Shawnda loves meeting new people and teaching them that with proper training, anything is possibly. Come fly with us at Aerial Dragonfly Studio!

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